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Commercial Settings That Benefit From Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a wonderful addition to any location, whether in a Kentucky resident’s garage or on the warehouse floor of a bustling organization. There are plenty of ways for homeowners to enjoy the perks of epoxy flooring, but it’s not as widely understood what industries can take advantage of epoxy flooring services. If you’re a commercial business owner looking for more reliable, beautiful, and comfortable flooring, discover the many commercial industries that benefit from epoxy floor coatings. 

Automotive Garages and Shops

A new car won’t catch as much attention if it rests on a damaged floor. Epoxy coatings provide a glistening surface for vehicles to shine in showrooms, providing a luxurious setting that resists wear and tear from cars and people walking in and out. Garages and auto repair shops can also enjoy the strength of this beautiful floor system, as it pays to know that your repairmen are working on a flooring option that can withstand car tires, brake dust, and various car fluids. 

Factories and Warehouses

Factories and warehouses running heavy loads and equipment can definitely enjoy the added safety of epoxy flooring. They provide a strong base for machinery, giving you security and stability, especially when working in high-traffic areas. Additionally, these floors are simple and easy to clean, making them extremely cost-effective and valuable in these fast-moving industrial settings. 


Like warehouses and factories, manufacturing plants — with their heavy-duty mills, trucks, carts, and hydraulics — need a strong stain-resistant flooring solution. Epoxy floors resist chemicals that damage other flooring types and are your best option for simple cleaning and maintenance. Epoxy floors are also temperature and fire-resistant, giving manufacturers the peace of mind needed when deep in production.


When it comes to cleanliness and safety, the pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront, focusing on protecting products and employees with specialized environments and a host of safety rules and regulations to follow. Our epoxy floor installers can make pharmaceutical jobs easier by installing epoxy floor coatings on your concrete floors. Not only are they safer and easier to clean, but they also minimize dust particles and prevent slips and falls that can lead to safety breaches. If your pharmaceutical company operates machinery, epoxy floors will provide a solid base to ensure they deliver pristine results for years to come. 

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage companies must also follow strict safety and health guidelines to protect products from bacteria and other contaminants. Epoxy floors help provide a hygienic environment by preventing cracks and gaps where food can easily fall into. Dust and dirt should never be in your food, and one of the ways to prevent it from accumulating is to have a floor that is easy to clean and doesn’t trap the contaminants that fall on it. Epoxy floors do all that and more, so feel free to contact expert installers to make your organization that much cleaner. 

Looking For Epoxy Flooring? Reach Out to Noles Home Maintenance Today!

Epoxy flooring can benefit a wide range of industries, and if your company falls into one of these categories and you’re in the Owensboro, KY, area, Noles Home Maintenance is the place for you! Our epoxy flooring for garages comes in various colors and styles, including gray, tan, and Kentucky wildcat speckle. Explore our epoxy gallery to visualize the floor of your dreams, or contact us for interior updates to your commercial space or exterior painting services.

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