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How Long Will It Take to Paint Your Home’s Exterior? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you want your home painted properly, then you’ll definitely want to take your time and not rush through a painting project. However, if that is the case, then how long will it take? The answer isn’t set in stone and can vary depending on many different circumstances. 

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest factors for how long it will take to paint your home’s exterior.

How Much Prep Do You Need?

Project time for painting your home’s exterior doesn’t just include the time you spend holding a brush — you’ll also need to factor in the time spent prepping. Proper surface preparation is key for a durable paint job. Extensive prep work, such as removing loose paint, cleaning siding, and repairing rotten wood, can add more time to the overall project.

For instance, houses with bare wood or wood siding often require more thorough preparation compared to those with aluminum siding. Addressing other contaminants like mildew or dirt ensures the new paint job adheres properly and impacts how long it takes to complete the exterior painting project.

How Big Is Your Home?

The size of the home is a major factor in determining the duration of an exterior painting project. Larger homes naturally require more time to paint, given the increased surface area. An average-size house might only take a few days under normal circumstances, but a larger home with multiple stories and complex architectural features will extend the timeline.

This is because more extensive surface preparation and application of multiple coats of high-quality paint are needed to properly paint a larger home’s exterior. If you have a medium or small-sized home, it may only take three to five days. However, larger homes may take up to a week or longer to completely repaint.

What’s the Weather Like?

The weather can also determine how long it takes to paint a house’s exterior. Ideal weather for exterior painting includes dry conditions with minimal rain and moderate temperatures. On the other hand, heavy rain and extreme temperatures will naturally delay the project by preventing the paint from drying properly and impacting the application process.

Furthermore, other environmental factors like humidity and wind can affect the quality of the fresh paint job. As such, planning the exterior painting project during favorable weather conditions can save time and ensure a smooth application process.

How Many People Are Painting?

The number of people painting the home can have a major impact on the time needed to complete the project. A single house painter working on an exterior will naturally take longer than a team of professional painters. More exterior painters can work simultaneously on different sections of the house, which speeds up the process.

For example, a skilled painter may efficiently cover a large area, but having multiple skilled painters allows for even distribution of tasks like surface preparation and applying two coats of paint. With more painters involved, the quicker the house exterior can be properly painted.

Who’s Doing the Painting?

Hiring professional painters can greatly influence how long it takes to finish a home’s exterior. Professional painters bring experience, efficiency, and access to high-quality paint and tools, which can expedite the process compared to a DIY approach.

They are adept at handling extensive prep work, ensuring the exterior paint job is completed quickly and effectively. Moreover, professional painters know how to manage environmental factors and apply fresh coats evenly, reducing the likelihood of delays. As a result, having professionals in charge of the painting project can significantly reduce the time required to give your home’s exterior a new paint job.

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