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When’s the Best Time to Paint My Home Exterior?

An effective paint job is about more than the right shades and quality brushes. Environmental factors — such as wind, weather, precipitation, sun, etc. — all have an impact on the effectiveness of a paint job. If you’re looking to have your home exterior painted, keep the following considerations in mind when getting in touch with professionals:

Wait for the Warmth

The most important tip to remember is to wait for the warmth. Warm weather is the best way you can ensure a good paint job. Professional painters in Owensboro, Kentucky, know how difficult it can be to paint in the cold weather, and most paint needs temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit to cure and hold properly. The smartest decision you can make is to hold out for a few 60 or 70-degree Fahrenheit days before painting the exterior of your house.

Stick to the Seasons

While waiting for warmth is always a great idea, there’s a big difference between working on a lucky 60-degree day in January versus painting in the middle of May. First off, painters will be rushing to get everything done in one day, and you risk a rushed painting project or not having enough time to fix any mistakes before the next day’s (or night’s) cold weather. When in doubt, sticking to the seasons ensures that you find the ideal time and temperature conditions to paint your house.

What parts of the seasons should you choose? After all, the end of fall can feel completely different than the beginning. Typically, your home painting job should be done anywhere from mid to late spring until early fall for northernmost homeowners. If you’re in and around Owensboro, Kentucky, Noles Home Maintenance can paint projects in the mid-late fall, but keep in mind the fluctuating temperatures and give yourself a few days for your project.

What to Avoid When Painting Your Home Exterior

What are the worst times to paint your home exterior? In a snowstorm or the middle of a hurricane, perhaps! We know homeowners won’t choose to get a paint job in the middle of a storm, but nothing stops you from a spontaneous idea in the middle of December. That doesn’t mean you should just step on your ladder with a couple of layers and get to painting. As disappointing as it may be, avoid these conditions when thinking about painting the exterior of your home:

Painting in Extreme Heat

Waiting for warmth doesn’t mean painting in 100-degree weather. Extreme heat can ruin the paint job and will make it difficult for the paint to dry. The paint will dry way too quickly, eventually peeling and messing up the look of your house exterior before you enjoy it.

Painting When It’s Wet

Wet weather ruins the application process and should be avoided at all costs. This includes snowy weather and minor rain showers. Wet weather won’t allow for an even application and will make it difficult for you to clearly see the effectiveness of your application. Don’t forget to take note of the weather throughout the night so that your paint has ample time to dry.

Remember: Quality Is What Matters

Never forget that quality is the most important part of your painting job. No one wants to go back up on the ladder after painting a large section of your home, so make sure you choose conditions that allow painters to safely attack your home’s exterior without worry. Focusing on the right time of year and avoiding painting in extreme cold, heat, and wet weather ensures a complete project with beautiful quality.

Exterior Painting Professionals Will Choose the Right Days to Paint — And Do a Great Job

It’s not enough to wait for favorable weather. Painting takes technique, and you can get the expertise you need with Noles Home Maintenances painting experts. Get in touch for your custom painting needs in Owensboro, Kentucky. We even paint exterior home structures like decks and fencing. No matter what you desire, our team won’t disappoint with our expert painting and maintenance services.

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